Peggy consults her daughters; Hazel continues to suck up to her dad.

Radio Times: Hazel pushes for a decision.

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  • Over the garden fence, Ed explains to Kenton that he has had a letter from Beth, still travelling; it has given him itchy feet. He wonders about going to Australia, which Kenton thinks is a good idea – but don’t mention the cricket!
  • Peggy has left Jack having a nap and come for a family conference to Lilian’s. Hazel invited herself to lunch; she claims that Jack invited her but of course he cannot remember. Peggy feels she could claim anything.
  • Kenton explains what Ed would need to go to Australia for a year. The biggest obstacle is money: he will need a return ticket and to be able to show money in the bank. Maybe Oliver can lend him some. He can work but only to cover expenses and can only stay in a job fro three months.
  • Peggy is worried that Jack has even agreed to think about Hazel taking over Grey Gables. What would happen to Caroline; Hazel wouldn’t care but Jack would. But he truly believes that Hazel has his best interests at heart; if Peggy could somehow get rid of her, it would break his heart and he might never forgive her for it. Their best hope is that, given enough rope, she will hang herself.
  • Meanwhile at The Lodge, Jack awakes to find his charming daughter waiting to minister to his every need – but very keen to know whether he has given any thought to her proposal. Jack finds it an interesting idea; it is nice of her to help; he will think about it. She will do anything to keep her dad happy.

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