Sam sees a way ahead with Kirsty. Hazel sees a new way to her father’s money.

Radio Times: Love is blind for Jack.

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  • Where’s Sam? David is not best pleased that he has had to do the milking this morning because Sam has not returned from a weekend in Cheshire. Ruth is more tolerant.
  • Helen confides in Kirsty that the atmosphere at home has not improved. Kirsty admits that her resolve not to contact Sam had cracked at the weekend, but Ruth had told that he had gone to Cheshire.
  • When he finally returns, Sam is very apologetic and very grateful for the chance to talk to Ruth. He and Fliss had reached a mutual decision to go their separate ways. Neither was prepared to move to be with the other. He certainly wouldn’t move: he loves his job too much. His fears that Kirsty might have lost interest are dispelled when Ruth tells that she phoned. Later, Ruth suggests to David that he takes Sam for a pint this evening and some “fatherly” advice.
  • Jack is sleeping soundly which gives Hazel an opportunity to thumb through his notebook and she is quick to notice a reference to Power of Attorney. Peggy is not as dumb as she looks! When Jack wakes, she tackles him about it; she is surprised that Peggy had not thought it appropriate to tell her. Not really because Jack had not thought it was a good idea. Hazel, on the other hand, thinks it is a very sensible idea!
  • In The Bull, Kirsty is surprised to see Sam. He planned to ring her when his head was clearer, to tell her that he and Fliss had decided to call it a day. So would she now go out with him; she might be able to do that.

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