Hazel takes a new initiative. Brian asserts his seniority over Tom.

Radio Times: Tom gets a reality check.

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  • Not finding her in her room, Peggy enquires where Hazel is. She has gone to London to see her solicitor; that ought to sound some warning bells. Before she can discover more, Lynda whisks her outside to see the parrot that a guest has just spotted. Lynda cannot understand why, if Jack saw it a couple of weeks ago, Peggy had not been more excited about it.
  • Neil is still giving Tom a hard time as they work together moving pigs. Betty’s hens have red mite; Neil should have noticed; Neil has had no time because of all the work he has been doing for Tom – so it’s all Tom’s fault. When Brian drops by, he mentions the new packaging for the sausages – a surprise to Tom; Jenny has all the details so Tom should call in at the farmhouse. It gives Neil some satisfaction to tell Tom that is probably not all he doesn’t know about Brian’s activities.
  • Roy explains to Lynda that she had been rather tactless with Mrs Woolley; she couldn’t be sure that Jack had really seen the parrot. Apparently Hazel thinks he is really deteriorating; how would she know, she has only been here five minutes!
  • Tom likes the packaging but he would like to have been consulted; at least his name is still on the label. He has missed the point: as Brian explains to Jenny, his intention was to emphasise that Tom is now in partnership and that Brian is the senior partner.
  • Over a pint with Roy, Tom learns that Kirsty and Sam were in the pub last night looking very lovey dovey. Roy has his troubles too: his mum blames Hayley for not spotting the red mite, so Hayley is now on Roy’s back about moving. And tomorrow he has a day in the magi-maze with Lynda Snell to look forward to.

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