The maze experience is a triumph for Roy. Ed’s plans for Australia come together.

Radio Times: Lynda refuses to admit defeat.

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  • For Caroline and her team there is a fun day ahead at the magi-maze. For Oliver, the highlight of the day seems to be a talk with Ed.
  • In the car, Hayley has a moan to Roy about being blamed for the hens’ condition – how would she know about red mite, she is a Brummie. She is also worried about Brenda leaving – her only ally. She wants to make a break for freedom too.
  • Lynda, as is to be expected, is supremely confident that she can get the team out of the maze in no time. She tries. She fails. Ian also has a cunning plan and sets off with Lynda in tow. He tries. He fails but at least he and Lynda make their peace. Now Roy has an idea.
  • Ed explains to Oliver that he plans to go to Australia for a year. Is that a daft idea? Oliver assures him that it is not. There’s a snag. He needs money in the bank for emergencies and Oliver is the only person likely to have the cash and believe that he will get it back.
  • Hayley is very proud of Roy’s success in the maze. For his next trick, he can lead them out of Willow Farm.
  • Caroline reports how well Roy managed the team in the maze. Oliver reports that he has decided to put his money where his mouth is. This is a great chance for Ed and he doesn’t want anything to stand in his way.

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