Kenton is as predictable as ever; Jenny is determined to get Brenda’s side of the story too;

Radio Times: Jennifer colludes with the enemy.

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  • Kenton is trying in vain to ‘come to grips’ with Kathy. The place is too public, she chastises, and anyway she wants him to look at the catering business plan she’s done for his cyber café. He’s impressed, and admits that his side of things is not going too well – he’s been too busy … ! Brenda appears, obviously well familiar with Kenton’s plans. Kathy seems taken aback by this, and by Brenda’s flattery of him as a great interviewee. He’ll call her when things have moved a bit closer – always worth keeping the radio sweet as a source of free publicity. Bother! He should have picked Brenda’s brains about the popular pubs where kids hang out these days – Kathy tells him that she will take on that bit of research as well!!
  • Brian is complimenting Jenny on the delicious smells in the kitchen – she mentions that Joe is blaming her website launch food for his indisposition yesterday! They discuss her meeting with Simon – he reaffirmed that the business with Brenda was no more than a harmless flirtation. But Jenny is not so sure and wants to hear Brenda’s side of the story. Brian disagrees, feeling that she should tell Debbie about her meeting with Simon and leave her to decide for herself.
  • At Lower Loxley, Alistair tells Nigel that one of his rare breeds is not in calf, probably because there is too much condition on her. Nigel takes the news with good grace, but doesn’t fall for Kenton’s story that the cyber café plans are progressing well and he really should reconsider some investment. Kathy drops a big hint that Jamie will be sleeping at his Dad’s tonight but Kenton is not sure if he’ll be seeing her later. With that, Nigel, Alistair, Kenton and Chaba (who appears to be there for no particular reason) adjourn to the house for a drink.
  • Brenda has agreed to see Jenny in the Bull as she is meeting her mates there later. She seems embarrassed by the situation but by and large confirms Simon’s story, adding her opinion of him as a brilliant tutor. Brian arrives, increasing her embarrassment and making her rush off after she has stated yet again that there is no affair between her and Simon. Is Jenny convinced yet, asks Brian? But still she’s wavering …
  • The drinking quartet would appear to have downed a fair quantity of good whisky. The conversation verges on the ribald when not upsetting Elizabeth is mentioned. Nigel drunkenly suggests flying a banner from a plane in declaration of his great love for her. Of course Kenton has a much better idea and collects a pair of her knickers from the laundry and a lipstick. Then they all lurch off to find their target – the Lower Loxley flagpole!

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