Jill indirectly helps Hayley; Joe tries to help himself; Jenny resolves to help Simon;

Radio Times: Home Farm has an uninvited visitor.

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  • Hayley has brought a hyperactive Phoebe home from school via the village shop. In her haste she’s bought the wrong cereal and forgotten the bread. She’ll have to go back after she’s prepared the vegetables. Tom wants to chat about problems with his sausages but she has no time to listen until later. When Phoebe falls off the gate, she tells a concerned Marjorie that she will probably have to cancel this evening’s clubbing plans with Tom and Chaba.
  • Simon calls at Home Farm desperate to see Debbie, who is out working. He wants to know why Brian and Jennifer are keeping her from him. He aggressively denies all accusations of his having an affair with Brenda. Jennifer takes pity on him and promises to come to Borchester to discuss the matter later this evening after the website launch.
  • Ruth has been to the dentist with Pip and Josh while Jill has been looking after Ben. She calls to collect him and tells Jill that she hopes to be nominated for the board of the milking group. They are both pleased to see Marjorie out and about again, and Jill tells her that she is finding retirement very dull when she’s not looking after her grandchildren. She has plans for helping out those who need it by shopping for them and providing a local taxi service. Marjorie gratefully accepts her offer to be a groceries guinea pig, but tells Jill that she will be going to the website launch in style with Joe …
  • … who is grateful for the fact that Home Farm has a downstairs loo. Although not officially invited to the launch Joe tries to make the most of the food – but eventually has to retire permanently to the smallest room. The other attendees concentrate appreciatively on Jennifer’s latest local project despite all his moans and groans!
  • The merry band of clubbers (including Hayley) are waiting outside in the cold for Brenda and Chaba to arrive. Hayley apologises to Tom for being so short with him earlier – it’s just tiredness, she explains, and tells him that Jill is now going to do Marjorie’s shopping which should help matters.
  • Simon impresses again upon Jennifer that nothing has been going on between him and Brenda. An occupational hazard, these schoolgirl crushes – flattering at his age, but not wise. He vows not to get so carried away again if only Jennifer will help him sort things out with Debbie. She says she will.

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