Joe makes plans with Marjorie, then gets right in the way of Will and Emma’s romantic ones!

Radio Times: There is an extra mouth to feed at the Dower House.

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  • Joe is working outside at Keeper’s Cottage. He is trying to control something as Marjorie happens past, admiring his and Kathy’s gardens. She asks if the something is to be the Grundys’ contribution to the Harvest Supper – Joe identifies it (for us!) as their eventual Christmas Dinner – a turkey! They chat about various things including her sprained wrist and Roy and Hayley’s kindness, how comfrey could be the answer to her slow healing, and the Ambridge website launch. When Joe hears that Jennifer is laying on a buffet, he offers to take Marjorie there in Bartleby’s trap. Ed comes home for his lunch, closely followed by Will, who wants Clarrie to cook a frozen seafood lasagne for him tonight – Emma is going to the Dower House flat for supper. Will takes his chance to reopen the argument with Ed about ownership of Baby Spice.
  • Debbie is trying to ignore the Home Farm phone in case it is Simon. It turns out to be David, who would like to meet up for a drink to discuss the future marketing of Hassett Hills Lamb. They arrange instead to walk the farm at 5.30, in preparation for a visit from the FWAG man tomorrow.
  • Emma is in transit with Caroline, who has stopped off at Grange Farm to speak to Oliver. Ed is looking after the cows and they chat about band rehearsals, touching on the fact that Fallon is besotted with Chaba! Will appears and forcefully makes the point to Ed that he is not prepared to accept anything less than half the value of Baby when she is sold, plus one of her calves. Ed is none too pleased.
  • David is surprised that Debbie seems unable to react to his usual corny jokes. She tells him that she has moved back home away from Simon, but doesn’t want to talk more about it. He is sympathetic and understanding and they limit the conversation to conservation, enjoying the opportunity to appreciate their surroundings at leisure – Chaba the Invincible (aka Babe-Magnet) is doing the milking at Brookfield!
  • Will and Emma are canoodling towards a passionate night together while her farmhouse grill is cooking. He has obviously forgotten about his seafood lasagne, but Joe hasn’t – he turns up with it and then decides to stay for supper! And what’s more, he’ll give Emma a lift home in the trap afterwards … !

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