Hayley is wilting; Tony’s carrots are emulating his potatoes; Brian’s conscience costs him a couple of pints.

Radio Times: Elizabeth comforts Debbie.

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  • Hayley is in a tizzy at Nightingale Farm, trying to get Phoebe ready for school, prepare unburned toast for Marjorie and not be late for her job at Lower Loxley.
  • Brian is impatiently discussing the hare-coursing incident with Greg – he is keen to know that William and Meg are all right but sharply dismissive when Greg asks about repairing the Land Rover and finalising dates for the imminent shoots. He has other things on his mind …
  • Debbie ignores another call from Simon as Elizabeth comes in with a plate of Jenny’s pastries – she’s trying new recipes for her website launch ‘do’ on Wednesday. Elizabeth knows the circumstances and hopes Debbie may find it easy to talk to her as a friend. Debbie doesn’t know where to begin.
  • Tony has some good news for Tom – no, not that Helen is emigrating! And Tom shouldn’t joke about his sister like that – Pat is already upset enough about her moving in with Greg. The good news is that two more decent calves arrived this morning – both heifers. Tom thinks the carrots are looking OK, just a bit of root fly, so Tony will give the cooperative the nod.
  • In the Bull, Hayley is waiting for Tom and passing the time with Gregg. She cannot help yawning with exhaustion (or is it boredom?), explaining that much as she wants to help Marjorie through this difficult time, it could be months and she’s being constantly rushed off her feet. Tony arrives with Tom who takes Hayley off to discuss their plans for showing Chaba Borsetshire’s wild club scene. Tony seizes the opportunity to moan to Greg, this time about his rejected organic carrots – too much root fly! And about Brian’s sanctimonious attitude towards real organic farmers!! When who should appear but the devil himself with a pint of shires for each of them … he then leaves a message on Siobhán’s phone about nothing being resolved, and heaves an enormous sigh!
  • Debbie is opening up to Elizabeth – she wonders whether it’s all her fault. Has she been nagging Simon too much? Was suggesting a baby just the last straw for him to cope with, considering they see so little of each other anyway due to work commitments? Debbie really does love him but she’s not ready to see him yet, even though her Mum and Dad want her to. What should she do?

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