Kenton is in celebratory mood. Dr. Gupta tries to make Usha see sense.

Radio Times: A fight for glory takes place on the cricket pitch.

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  • On the day of the Single Wicket, Usha listens to her father’s reminiscences of cricket played in India. She’s hoping a day out will take his mind off Shula’s behaviour, but is afraid that they’ll run into her.
  • David is almost late for the competition, as he’s busy baling. Ed and Eddie are holding the fort, and he gets ready to show them all how cricket should be played. Ruth is adamant that she doesn’t want a big party for her 40th birthday, but admits that Heather will be disappointed. David suggests that she spends her birthday weekend with Heather, and Ruth agrees.
  • Kenton finds Phil watching play. Jill is due back tomorrow, so Kenton, characteristically, suggests making hay while the sun shines on her absence and buying in the beer. David does really well, winning the competition, which to Kenton is yet another reason to celebrate.
  • Dr. Gupta congratulates Alistair on his performance in the competition, then launches into an anti-Shula tirade. Fortunately Alan is on hand, and he wades in to take Dr. Gupta for a drink and a chat. Alistair tells Kenton he feels guilty by association.
  • Dr. Gupta makes his views only too clear. He thinks Usha is making a big mistake. Once she loses the support of her community, she will be a target for more racist attacks. Usha and Alan try to explain that their feelings, but Usha’s father insists it’s his responsibility to make her see sense.
  • Back at Glebe Cottage, the party’s in full swing, with Phil cooking a rather strange stir-fry, which includes rhubarb. Kenton enjoys every moment, but Alistair and Phil seem less enthusiastic. When Ruth’s birthday is mentioned, Kenton goes into party-organising mode at once. David tries to deflect him, but in vain. It looks as though Ruth’s quiet family meal will be something much more in Kenton’s style.

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