Kenton is missing Kathy and hits upon the notion of a grand gesture to rekindle her love.

Radio Times: Bert makes a costly error.

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  • It’s “be nice to Bert” time at Brookfield; David has sent him off early for lunch to compensate for the perceived lack of appreciation for his wart-charming skills. He is still struggling with the mobile and has yet to reach lesson five “The Keypad Lock Facility”; they can hear him in The Bull ordering lunch.
  • At Home Farm, Adam is feeling aggrieved, as usual these days. Brian is heading for a lunch with the accountant and is typically scathing about Adam’s ideas for diversification – a drop in the bucket. Their salvation, apparently, lies in Hungary and Adam had better talk to Debbie about all the jobs he has to do while she is away.
  • There is only a week to Valentine’s Day, which is the anniversary of Sid saying those three little words to Jolene; all she gets these days is “won’t be long” and her patience is running out. Ruth calls in to the pub to tell Bert about the bill he is running up. He was in conversation with Kenton, who seizes the opportunity to escape for a quiet word with Ruth – about Kathy. Ruth tells him that he may have decided that he loves her and wants to get back together but if she has made up her mind, he must respect that. Kenton decides to ask Debbie instead and his parting shot to Jolene about Sid’s frequent visits to April Cottage is not well received: Sid is even now on the phone agreeing to go and fix Kathy’s trellis. Jolene is not amused.
  • Seeking Debbie, Kenton finds Adam instead and hears a tale of being thwarted in love. Kenton gets the idea that he needs a grand gesture and Adam is horrified at what he might have initiated.

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