Lewis puts off Julia’s persistent admirer by claiming to be her husband.

Radio Times: Lewis plays the white knight.

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  • Shula and Helen meet in the churchyard; Helen has brought flowers for John’s grave but for Greg there is nowhere for her to go. Shula prescribes some riding therapy and the offer is taken up.
  • Lewis is visiting the seaside, not for the air but to meet Douglas, Julia’s obsessive fan. He is intrigued about Lewis’s relationship with Julia.
  • Preparing for the ride, the subject turns to hunting and Helen sets out with considerable passion her opposition to it; the hunt supporters are not making her organic crusade any easier. Shula defuses the situation by suggesting that they agree to differ.
  • Over lunch in a restaurant, Douglas explains his lonely state, his wife having died of cancer. Lewis understands the warmth of his letters to Julia but suggests that they are inappropriate, not suitable for a married woman to receive. Douglas had no idea that she was married (not many people do!) – and the husband, why Lewis of course.
  • Since Clarrie has been giving them a hard time over the cider, Eddie and Joe need to taste it when she is out; it’s man’s work; it just has to be done. A knock on the door starts a panic but it’s only Kenton who has called in vain on Kathy. Joe confirms that Sid has been a regular visitor during her illness – if you can call a broken heart an illness – and we all know who was responsible for that.

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