Oliver and Caroline are late for the hunt meeting. Kenton is late meeting Debbie and Sid is late home.

Radio Times: Bruno plays the host.

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  • It’s the day of the hunt meeting at Grange Farm, but Caroline and Oliver have been held up. Bruno plays the charming host, offering his room to any smokers, and pouring large glasses of Oliver’s vintage port and brandy.
  • Debbie’s late for the meeting too; she’s arranged to meet Kenton at the Bull, but he doesn’t show up until she’s ready to leave. She’s not pleased, and even less pleased that Jolene hesitates about displaying posters for the hunt’s fundraising activities.
  • When Kenton does eventually arrive, he’s in quite a state. He tells Debbie that he loves Kathy, and can’t get her out of his head. But she’s just blanking him. He’s sure there’s someone else, and that someone has to be Sid. Debbie tells him bitterly that he has to back off.
  • Sid’s late too – he’s been at Kathy’s, and Jolene is furious. She’s not the only one giving Sid grief; when he accidentally brushes against Kenton, he gets the rough edge of Kenton’s tongue, too.
  • Bruno’s charms have clearly had the desired effect on Alice, who tells him all about her unspeakable parents and their refusal to let her go to Borchester College. But at least Brian has agreed to go and look at the place. Elizabeth thinks it would be a good idea – after all, she dropped out of boarding school and went there.
  • Jolene really lets rip at Sid; he’s always round at Kathy’s; why can’t Kenton help her through this patch? Sid points out that Jamie needs him. He’s having to take responsibility for his mother, and that’s not right. Jamie needs normality. Yes, says Jolene, but this all makes him think there’s a chance that the three of them will become a family again.

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