Excitement in Ambridge; mending gateposts, a family teaparty and a bunch of roses.

Radio Times: Julia reaches panic stations.

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  • One of Julia’s admirers is proving rather too persistent, and Lewis offers to see him off. A fraught Julia accuses Elizabeth of being overwrought, as she tries to track Nigel down.
  • David is not too pleased to hear that Kenton has invited himself to tea. Apparently he’s had a bad day. Ruth wonders whether becoming a parish councillor might give him a focus; no matter how awful Kenton is, he’d be an improvement on Derek Fletcher and his bid to control the lives of everyone in Ambridge.
  • Bert’s mobile has run out of battery, which to Bert is a major catastrophe. Ruth is deputed to show him how to charge it.
  • While Lewis is on the phone to Julia’s admirer, Ruth calls to invite Elizabeth and the children to Pip’s birthday tea. They’re worried at her lack of friends, and want to make it a big family occasion. With a noticeable lack of conviction, Elizabeth says how much she is looking forward to it.
  • Will calls at Brookfield to borrow a post driver. He helps David with a ewe that has got herself entangled in a fence, and is offered the loan of a tractor as well. Will is finding life busy with the ante-natal classes and the football. Apparently Emma was late for the class because she couldn’t find her scooter keys …

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