Jack looks back and the football teams look forward.

Radio Times: Jack remembers an old friend.

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  • Aware that Will is under pressure without George to lend a hand, Brian gets down to some work on the shoot, and takes Jack along with him. Despite his growing confusion, Jack is able to recall the old days when George first came to Ambridge, and even remembers how Nora Macauley helped him through alcoholism.
  • As the teams assemble for the semis of the football league, Ed is rude and hostile to Bruno. The Radio Borsetshire team is no match for Ambridge, and both Tom and Ed see their teams make it into the final.
  • Because Peggy is at the Parish Council meeting, Jack asks Brian in for a drink. They continue to reminisce about George, and particularly about the way he took Captain in hand. I’ve lost two dear friends, muses Jack, and while he can recall every detail about those friends, he can’t remember where Peggy keeps the mixers for their drink.
  • When the match is over and the players get ready to go home, Bruno makes a discovery; both Ed and Will are Grundys, and responsible for landing his dad in jail.

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