Alice has a row with Brian ; Jazzer has a row with Neil; only Emma’s having fun.

Radio Times: Jazzer is left in the lurch.

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  • Jazzer’s not enjoying his job as assistant pigman. He’s meant to be unfreezing the drinkers and strawing the arks, but all he does is moan about the cold. Neil has to rush off to see his plumber, leaving Jazzer in charge.
  • Debbie breaks the news to her family that Alice wants to leave her posh school and go to Borchester College for her A levels. Brian has an outburst of characteristic snobbery and prejudice, but seems to have Jenny and Adam on his side.
  • Ed and Jazzer meet Emma as they enjoy a kick-about on the Green, and invite her to join them at the Bull before she meets Will for her ante-natal appointment at the hospital. She enjoys herself so much that she forgets the time, but a text from Will makes her dash off.
  • Jazzer’s evening at the Bull is disturbed by a furious Neil. He’s had a major telling off from Tom, who went up to the pigs and found them without water – Jazzer had left the troughs to thaw out by themselves.
  • Adam returns home to find that Brian has had a row with Alice, who has stormed off to her room, refusing to change her mind about leaving school. It’s just like having Kate around, says Jenny.

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