Kenton gets the cold shoulder and Bert gets a new toy.

Radio Times: Bert joins the modern world.

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  • Bert helps David to get ready for lambing. Sam has given him his old mobile, and David shows him how to use it. Once he gets the hang of it, there’s no stopping Bert; he rings David from across the yard, and spooks Caspian Prince, just as Pip is leading him round.
  • Kenton calls to give Kathy a birthday present, but she can’t get rid of him fast enough. A hurt and rather puzzled Kenton calls on Shula, to see if the Hebden-Lloyds would like to go to the cinema or for a drink, but gets no joy there, either. He asks Shula if she’s seen Kathy; he knows their relationship is over, but he’d still like to be friends.
  • Pip helps Ruth load the dishwasher, but when Ruth asks what she’d like to do for her birthday, Pip says there’s no-one she wants to ask. A diplomatic David suggests that as Heather will be staying, they can all enjoy a family party.
  • Chris has put the new bungalow on the market. Sam’s interested, but at 280K, it’s beyond him.
  • Having found no-one to go out with, Kenton goes to the Bull, where Bert bores him with talk of his new mobile. When Bert comments that Sid is always round at Kathy’s nowadays, Kenton puts his own interpretation on it.

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