Kathy has a birthday, and Beth has itchy feet.

Radio Times: Beth gets itchy feet.

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  • Ed’s in a foul mood; he’s jealous of the attention Bruno is getting from Oliver, and miffed that Oliver is giving Bruno some of the work that Ed used to do. He can’t afford a decent car on what Oliver’s paying him, and he’s not pleased when Beth doesn’t want to help him work on it. Beth shows signs of being fed up with the limited charms of Ambridge, and with Ed’s attitude to both Bruno and Will.
  • It’s Kathy’s birthday, so she and Jamie are having lunch at Bridge Farm. Kathy enjoys looking at the cows with Pat, but refuses point blank to discuss Kenton, and becomes hysterical when Pat gently suggests counselling. She’s increasingly dependent on Sid, who has helped Jamie to get her a special birthday present.
  • Beth declines the offer of Joe’s company at the Bull while Ed is at football practice – she wants to use the internet there. When Ed returns from football, she tells him that she’s booked a flight to Edinburgh with a friend. She’ll be back at the weekend, but to Ed, that’s a disaster – she’ll miss the semi-finals of the football league.

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