Usha is looking forward to her next bike ride with Alan. Ed is still criticising Bruno despite Oliver’s objections.

Radio Times: Usha broadens her horizons.

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  • Sid is pleased with his cricket club tankard. But the inscription is a bit odd Jolene thinks “a most dedicated manager” isn’t exactly ringing. But Sid is impressed. It was a good evening. Jolene is pretty fed up with Sid still spending so much time with Kathy. But Sid thinks he can’t let her down on her birthday. Maybe Sid can persuade Pat to look after her.
  • Oliver is finding Bruno a bit hard – harder than the first two placements. Caroline is suffering more but at least Bruno has agreed to the 5-a-side. He’s supposed to be staying till June but he doesn’t have much interest in his GCSEs. He is going to visit his Father though. Have to see how it goes.
  • Ruth has an exciting day planned halter training Caspian Prince – their potential prize Hereford. Usha can’t miss that! She enjoyed her bike ride though. It was a real thrill! There is certainly going to be a next time.
  • Ed hasn’t seen Beth for a while. He doesn’t know what’s got into her. Doesn’t know why she doesn’t want to come to football practise. Ed is amused to find Bruno is playing for the other team. Jolene doesn’t understand why Oliver and Caroline have taken him in. They must be constantly counting the spoons.
  • Ed is still having a go at Bruno but Oliver points out that Ed isn’t exactly squeaky clean. Oliver thinks Ed should give Bruno a chance the way Oliver helped him. They are quite alike. But Ed doesn’t see it. Bruno is nothing like Ed; Bruno is a total waste of space.

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