Kenton moves in. Will makes Clarrie face facts.

Radio Times: Kenton makes himself at home.

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  • Just back from Flanders fields, Nigel tells Kathy all about it. He found it a very moving experience, and was able to leave some photos at Tyne Cot, where Great Uncle Rupert’s death is recorded. He comments that Kathy is looking better. It’s because Kenton’s moving in, she says. Nigel is delighted.
  • Kenton is indeed moving in, plus a mountain of books. Will gives him a hand before he goes to see Clarrie, then on to the Bull with Eddie and Joe. Nigel calls with a bottle of champagne, and Kathy gives Kenton a kiss. They plan to go and buy a bookcase together.
  • Clarrie’s delighted to see Will, but the harmony doesn’t last. He tells her he won’t be at the Ambridge bonfire because he’s going to Hollerton with Nic. Clarrie is upset, and Will tells her firmly that the only reason he’s going is that she doesn’t like Nic, so things will have to be different this year. Will leaves for the pub without waiting for Eddie and Joe.

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