Adam is angry. David is flummoxed. Brian is sore.

Radio Times: Adam finds himself out of the loop.

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  • After a hard day’s work, Adam and David look at the wood for the village bonfire – and the guy. Bert’s sudden appearance throws David into total confusion, and he makes a poor job of explaining himself to Bert. The guy is meant to be Bert, and it’s wearing his clothes, retrieved from a bag of jumble.
  • Jennifer speaks to Alice on the phone, but Alice won’t speak to Brian. He’s still very sore about this, but is off to a drinks party at Annabel Shrivener’s so has little time to complain.
  • Bert shows Ruth his photo and write up in the Echo. David has to explain why he sent Bert over to the parlour. He and Ruth enjoy seeing the pictures sent in by the primary school children, and plan another visit in the near future.
  • Jennifer can’t reach Brian on his mobile, and has to ring Adam. It seems that Brian has ordered a load of fertiliser without reference to Adam, and it’s got to be shifted. Adam is furious. When Brian appears and makes rather unconvincing apologies, Adam is less than gracious.

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