Will puts his foot in it. Nic drops hints. Kenton has a suggestion to make.

Radio Times: Kenton takes things to the next level.

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  • Emma calls to pick George up from Will, and it’s clear that she’s not happy. Will makes her a coffee, and tells her she’ll soon find someone else. He then ruins everything by talking about Ed and Fallon’s romance, and his own happiness with Nic.
  • Kenton makes sure Jamie has a good Hallowe’en. He brings a DVD and a chinese takeaway, both of which Jamie loves. When Jamie has gone to bed, Kathy tells him how much she’s enjoyed it, too, and how much she values Kenton.
  • Will goes round to Nic’s, and enjoys the sandwiches she’s made. He tells her about an encounter with poachers, who were actually a courting couple. Nic does a convincing ‘my hero’ act, and says she wishes he lived nearer … but her hints fall on deaf ears. Fast asleep ears, in fact.
  • Kathy tells Kenton how Lynda’s tactlessness upset her. He understands, and tells her he blames himself for not being there in the first place. In fact, he’d like to move in permanently. Kathy feels she must talk to Jamie first, but yes, it’s what she’d like too.

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