Kenton needs to work harder at Jaxx; Naomi won’t be taken advantage of.

Radio Times: David does some accidental moonlighting.

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  • Eddie’s progressing with Alan’s patio. Joe’s with him, having just come from the church as it’s Mildred’s funeral today, when Alan remarks on the various old coins they’ve dug up. Alan’s happy to hand them over when Joe asks and Joe and Eddie look up the value of a George Ⅲ sixpence on the Internet. Clarrie finds them and the browser history means the secret’s out. She tells Eddie to give the coin back. Eddie agrees, having worked out it’s worth under a tenner. Alan tells him to keep it, saying it may be a nice heirloom for namesake George.
  • Kenton charges Alan £1.95 for a coffee and then nips out for ten minutes. When David arrives over an hour later he’s still not back, Naomi’s gone home at the end of her shift, and Frank’s trying to cook and serve; it’s chaos. Joe pushes David into stepping in; “You’re family aren’t you?”
  • When Kenton finally arrives he tells Dave off. He can’t just come in and start serving. David’s not amused and Kenton finally works out Naomi’s missing. David explains she left on time, and she was right to, and Frank’s about to go AWOL. David tells Kenton he better get a grip; Naomi won’t let Kenton take advantage of her like he did with Emma.

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