Chalkie goes for an SFO interview. Annette got a job in the shop.

Radio Times: Eddie looks for buried treasure.

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  • Eddie’s hunting for his old metal detector, with income down he’s grabbing at any straw but Barbarella’s pen turns up nothing but a couple of crushed beer cans. Joe tells him not to be greedy; Edward signed Grange Farm’s tenancy agreement today, they’ve a lot to be grateful for.
  • Annette and Susan chat more and, that evening, Annette’s pleased to tell Helen she’s got a job. It’s filling in for Susan at the shop, getting up at 6am to label the papers, etc. It’s minimum wage but could be £70 a week. Helen tries to point out it’s not much of a job or much income but Annette doesn’t see it and Helen gives in, seeing she’s happy. Annette even points out she’ll be able to start paying rent and be a proper lodger. Helen says yes to a top-up of wine.
  • Matt’s solicitor, Russell, phones. Chalkie’s voluntarily gone for an interview. Lilian’s pleased but Matt’s worried. What’s Chalkie told the Serious Fraud Office?

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