Matt is anxious. Will’s suggestion of a jolly for the BL board comes at the wrong time.

Radio Times: It’s wrong place, wrong time for Will.

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  • Matt is anxious about what Chalkie has been telling the SFO and he is frustrated that he cannot get in touch with Russell, his solicitor. He is sick of doing nothing but Lilian does manage to dissuade him from going round to the Chalkmans’ but to play golf instead.
  • Will is bringing on the next generation of cricketers; Nic is a bit down about Annette getting a job in the shop but Will assures her that something will turn up.
  • Adam is having a moan to David about Will’s ideas for encouraging wild bird: it makes work for Adam.
  • Before they reach the first tee, Matt bumps into the ever enthusiastic William taking a shortcut;: when, in blissful ignorance of his problems, Will had suggests an outing for the BL board to see the recent changes, Matt takes the wind out of his sails.
  • At the cricket match, Will seeks Adam’s reaction to Matt’s outburst; he suggests that Will asks Brian. Everybody tries to rope Nic in for the single wicket competition but they will probably have more success in getting her to do the teas.
  • Matt is no longer in the mood for golf. They return home and he takes himself off for a walk; he is not good company at present.

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