Kenton is as ham-fisted as ever. Joe has a cunning plan.

Radio Times: Revenge is sweet for David.

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  • When Kenton appears at Brookfield he is in for serious teasing: how can he be here; has Naomi got him running scared? Ruth seizes the opportunity to go and make a cup of tea leaving Kenton to help David with the sheep.
  • Lynda has a new torment for Jill: to improve her fitness to carry everything herself to the Trafalgar Square plinth, Lynda has planned a trial run (actually walk) half way to her house where they are going to rehearse again the bread-making routine this time in the open. Jill is relieved when Joe appears in his trap and offers a lift but Lynda will not hear of it.
  • Anxious to make some money, Eddie has negotiated permission to take his metal detector to Brookfield and Bridge Farm. After the vicarage job his diary is empty.
  • Kenton messes up, frightening the sheep, and is fired. But he is not getting off lightly in return for David stepping into the breach at Jaxx last week. David has no shortage of other jobs, for example litter picking. When Eddie comes by, Kenton ignores his protests about only having David’s permission to search in particular fields and insists on trying it right here. David, as expected, reads the riot act.
  • Jill and Lynda enjoy the fruits of their labour – soda bread and honey – but Lynda wipes the smile of Jill’s face when she declares the need for one more rehearsal – at height.
  • Meanwhile Joe has an alternative idea. Not a word to Lynda, but he plans to make cider ideally with Eddie selling it nearby.

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