Annette is a hit in the shop. Brenda is convinced she is Tom’s new girlfriend.

Radio Times: Mike gets bitten by the bug.

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  • Annette is getting the hang of things in the shop and is much appreciated by Susan. When Pat delivers the yoghurt she is surprised to find Annette working there and to hear that, with a job, she can pay Helen rent and be a proper lodger.
  • Hayley tells Brenda that she and Roy have worked out how to cope with Oliver and Caroline’s holiday in France, barring unforeseen problems; Brenda would help but she has exams. She is convinced that Tom is going out with Annette.
  • Caught in the act of reporting to Tony, Pat bumps into Susan who delivers a glowing report of Annette’s work in the shop. Brenda was heading for the shop but when Pat gives her the news about who is serving there, she turns tail.
  • Susan tries very hard to pump Mike about his dancing partner Vicky but gets nothing of substance from him. Clearly Mike finds her good company and is seeing quite a lot of her.
  • Back from the abortive trip to the shop Brenda reports to Hayley that she is more convinced than ever that Tom is going out with Annette. She can’t ask Tom but Hayley suggests asking Helen; anyway it is the anniversary of Greg’s death this week, so she would doubtless appreciate a call.

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