Brian takes over as Chairman of BL.

Radio Times: The knives are out at Borchester Land.

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  • Contrary to Tom’s assumption, Brian is not checking up that he is vacating Home Farm, rather he has come over to wish him good luck. It’s just as well as things have turned out because Brian reckons he has enough on his plate without sausages.
  • When the BL board convene under acting Chairman Jerry, their first item is the election of a chairman. All board members have received notice that there is just one nomination – all, that is, except Matt who is more than a little miffed that he has not been informed. Who is the nominee? It’s Brian. Matt wants a discussion but, with only one nominee this is deemed unnecessary and Brian takes the chair.
  • At Bridge Farm, Eddie is wielding his metal detector but to no good effect. With uncharacteristic sensitivity, Eddie enquires of Tom about his sister, reminding him that tomorrow is the anniversary of Greg’s death.
  • At the end of the BL meeting, Martin is tasked with compiling a full financial picture of the company; Matt takes this as an insult. Privately he criticises Brian for his lack of family loyalty but Brian claims that Matt’s troubles trump loyalty and he refuses to discuss it further.

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