Lilian declares open war on Jennifer. Brenda adopts cold-war tactics with Annette.

Radio Times: Reality bites Helen – hard.

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  • Brenda rings to see if Helen is ok, this being a difficult day for her; they arrange to go for a drink later when Brenda intends to ask about Tom and Annette. She invites Annette to accompany her to Greg’s memorial tree but she declines.
  • Lilian is furious with Jennifer about Brian’s role as ‘chief conspirator’. Matt has few enough friends without family turning on him. Jennifer tries to calm her down – or at least get her indoors where her shouting would be less public. Jennifer tries to make the point that Matt had to be replaced; Lilian cites all the things Matt has bent over backwards to do for the family. Anyway Lilian’s final word is that she wants nothing more to do with her sister.
  • Helen’s quiet moment with Greg is interrupted by Will, who has also come to pay his respects. He doesn’t find it surprising that Annette didn’t want to come: her memories of her father will be happier ones than Ambridge can offer. Why did she come here then? To see Helen of course.
  • In The Bull, Brenda has filled Helen in about her round the world trip, if she can afford it. She is just on the point of asking about Tom and Annette, when Annette joins them. While Helen buys her a drink Brenda delivers a deeply sarcastic observation about how welcome some people have made her.

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