Lilian seems to have made a stand for nothing: Matt doesn’t care about BL.

Radio Times: Lilian and Jennifer go to war.

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  • Jennifer cannot get an answer from Lilian on the phone, so might have to go round to see her. Brian meanwhile is deep into the BL figures and concludes that Matt has taken his eye off the ball of late.
  • When Mike buys posh chocolates, Susan concludes (she’s quick that one) that they are for Vicky. Mike is taking her out to dinner at a rather nice restaurant, so Susan takes it upon herself to make sure he is properly dressed.
  • Taking a breather from the figures, Brian encounters Will who enlists his support for even more game crops, though he still has to deal with Adam. Brian explains that Matt, who recently bit Will’s head off, is no longer chairman of BL – Brian is. The new chairman thinks a day out for the board is a great idea and will organise it.
  • Jennifer receives a frosty reception from her sister, who refuses to listen and soon sends her packing. When Matt investigates the raised voices he explains to Lilian that his preoccupation is with what Chalkie has said to the SFO; he doesn’t care about BL. Great! Lilian concludes that whatever she does is wrong.

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