Kenton says nothing to Shula about Alistair. Will shows Nic that driving in the dark has its problems.

Radio Times: Nic dusts off her L-plates.

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  • Will arrives bearing much appreciated flowers for Nic. With Jake and Mia sick, there will be just Will and Nic to visit George today. This, Will suggests, is the perfect opportunity for Nic to get back in the driving seat; she is a bit reluctant but she really does want to pass. She gets to Ambridge with only minor mistakes but confesses that her real anxiety is about manoeuvring.
  • The reason for Christopher’s enthusiasm to finish the flat is still not revealed to Neil; he is keen to implement Mike’s solution to the ill-fitting kitchen units – take some plaster off the wall. But first there’s a text from Alice that simply must be answered now!
  • Kenton calls on his twin sister and ascertains that Alistair has said nothing about the bookie episode. Over coffee, Shula bemoans the effect of the credit crunch on her livery business and of course her problems with Usha. But Mabel has found a way of dealing with it and so must she. Kenton does not add to her worries.
  • The kitchen units now fit; they will need to re-plaster but that can wait, especially as Chris must ring Alice now. Neil quizzes him about Hannah but he gives little away.
  • Three point turns in the dark prove too much for Nic; stressed out, she lets Will turn the car round. Oops, he has hit something. Neil arrives in time to inform him that the damaged concrete mushroom belongs to Mrs Noakes, newly blown-in to Ambridge and already the village busy-body. Nic suggests leaving a note; Neil suggests clearing off and hoping she never notices.

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