Hannah woos Chris, Jazzer woos Hannah and Brian woos the devil, in Tom’s eyes.

Radio Times: History repeats itself for Tom.

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  • As he is visiting Home Farm to work on Alice’s horse, Hannah does not waste the opportunity to chat to Chris – much to Jazzer’s chagrin. She eventually gets back to work but not before she has made it clear to Chris that she and Jazzer are just workmates – nothing more. Does he need to know this?
  • Brian has exciting news: a potential new outlet for their sausages. Tom is keen to hear all about it but when he learns that it is a supermarket buyer who has made the approach, his response is unequivocal: after his earlier experience he will have nothing to do with supermarkets. Brian puts his case but Tom is not going to change his mind.
  • Jennifer is upset that she gets news of Alice only via Chris and she hopes her daughter is working hard, though she realises there are temptations – which for Chris’s benefit she quickly changes to ‘distractions’. She wonders whether Chris saw anything yesterday on his way to bell-ringing: Mrs Noakes’ has appealed on the bulletin board for witnesses to the damage inflicted on her imitation staddle stone.
  • Jazzer is surprised that Hannah does not seem to have taken ‘no’ for an answer with Chris. Jazzer himself, on the other hand, is free and single; he invites her on a date on Wednesday but Hannah gracefully declines. How about the weekend? Running out of excuses, he wins a definite maybe.
  • Brian reports to Jenny his fruitless conversation with Tom; he expected resistance but not such intransigence. But make no mistake, Brian is not giving up on the idea: he has already made an appointment to meet the supermarket buyer.

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