Kirsty keeps an eye on Tom and Debbie is feeling low.

Radio Times: Kirsty gets in the middle.

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  • Kirsty is sampling the wares that will go into the veg. boxes, some really sweet cherry tomatoes and huge peppers, all done with compost power. She is heading for the shops and Tom is preparing for some carrot weeding with Nicky and Sam. Kirsty is not at all surprised to find that Sam is on Tom’s team!
  • David and Ruth are struggling with some old and heavy equipment but this is not the time to replace it; David does not want to be caught out like Debbie.
  • Kirsty has accepted Tony’s offer to show her the carrot weeding machine. Three workers lie abreast and are towed gently over the carrots; it is like a mobile sunlounger. Kirsty is pretty certain that Tom will be in the middle. She contemplates a change of plan.
  • Simon cannot persuade Debbie to come in for breakfast: she is not hungry and has lots to do. Of course she is worrying about losing the Estate contract. Simon thinks she should tell Brian.
  • David has lambs at just the right weight. It is a shame they have not launched the new brand but he thinks it is too soon. Autumn would be good although Debbie wants to go earlier.
  • Tom is surprised to see Kirsty back so soon. She has volunteered to help him with the weeding but she will take the middle position: anything he wants to say to ‘sexy Sam’ will be through her.
  • By lunchtime, Debbie finds Simon’s sandwich very welcome. He has brought coffee too. Debbie had a call from Jennifer who was over the moon because Adam turned up at the christening from Kenya. Brian is impressed with him for his down to earth approach, with no fancy theories. Debbie has not mentioned the Matt Crawford news. What is the point in spoiling his holiday; he will find out soon enough. Simon took a call too, from David, who wants to talk about an Autumn launch. So much for her advice, Debbie feels, she is the last person they should listen to.

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