Neil and Betty plan their business, while Scott and Brenda are getting serious – well, in her mind anyway.

Radio Times: Brenda hits the champagne.

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  • Betty and Neil discuss their Organic Egg venture and decide to get some leaflets published. Brenda is on her way to the big charity do in Felpersham and tells Betty she may be staying overnight.
  • At Grey Gables, business is brisk and Roy feels exhausted. Jack potters about wanting to make sure that all is perfect for the imminent arrival of the film crew, asking Lynda to oversee the flower arrangements. After he goes Roy confides to Lynda that with Lilian away on a shopping spree in Cheltenham he is sure Scott will be out ‘on the pull’.
  • And indeed, Scott meets Brenda in her car at the bottom of the drive. They both look forward to an intimate evening together.
  • In the village shop, Neil has called by to show Betty his attempt at a leaflet. Their discussion is interrupted by Lynda who they ask to print the pamphlet so that Mike can distribute them with his milk round.
  • That evening at the Felpersham Hotel, Brenda has finished her Celebrity interviews and is starting to enjoy herself. Scott orders the champagne. Brenda is allocated a room to change in, but is unable to secure it for the night. However, Scott has an alternative plan that will enable them to spend the night together.
  • It’s 10’o’clock at night at Grey Gables and Jack still hasn’t gone home. Roy who will be working late sends him on his way. At 2.30am however, Scott and a drunken Brenda return. She insists in breaking off a carnation from the flower arrangement for Scott and knocks over the vase. He goes off to check that Lilian hasn’t returned to their suite with the idea that he and Brenda will spend the night there. Whilst he is gone, Roy finds her in reception and guesses why she is there. He tries to persuade her to go home and suggests that Scott isn’t seriously interested in her. They quarrel and she tells him to leave her alone and get on with his own boring little life.

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