Filming at Grey Gables isn’t the only thing being upset by Scott and Lilian

Radio Times: Scott and Lilian make a splash.

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  • Martina, the director of the film on Grey Gables, is instructing Lynda on the shot she wants. It is all set up with Lynda answering the phone when Lilian bursts in carrying many packages. Marina shouts ‘Cut’!
  • Roy goes to the village shop to see Betty. He feels the need to have a word with her about Brenda and Scott and the previous evening at Grey Gables, however Betty pre-empts his news. She fields Roy’s aggression towards him when Mike comes in. She tells him that Brenda spent the night at the country club but doesn’t reveal who with. Mike believes she must have got her room paid for on expenses.
  • Lilian is now being rehearsed by Martina for the filming of the Reception area. Lynda is to greet her and offer to carry her bags which Lynda is not too happy about claiming that it is the porter’s job. As there is no porter available, Martina decides she should do it. All is set and once again the camera’s roll when Scott comes into reception. He and Lilian rush to embrace noisily. Martina, once again, shouts ‘Cut!’
  • In Willow Farm kitchen, Betty is getting lunch for Mike and he tells her Radio Borsetshire have been on the phone looking for Brenda, as she hasn’t showed up this morning and is due to bring in her piece for the afternoon show. Mike says he told them to phone Grey Gables. Betty is horrified and maintains he should have made an excuse for her. Mike is suspicious and asks Betty if she is holding something from him, but Betty gives nothing away.
  • At lunchtime in Grey Gables bar, Scott and Lilian are discussing some work that has come up for him. Roy is manning the bar and hears Lilian ask Scott if he missed her and if he kept Roy up working late because he was lonely and trying to drown his sorrows. Lynda approaches and asks Roy to go and help re-arrange the swimming pool area as Martina wants to film there. After he goes Lilian remarks that Roy is not quite his usual self. Scott declares he is going for a swim and Lilian remarks to Lynda that he will do anything to get in the film.
  • At the swimming pool, Roy is moving loungers and plants for Martina who intends to interview Caroline by the pool. She particularly wants the pool to be like glass so she can focus the camera on the reflection. Everything is lined up when suddenly Scott chased by Lilian run and dive in. They play raucously in the pool destroying Martina’s glass effect and the peaceful ambience.

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