Brenda’s love life isn’t as secret as she hopes – and Betty intends for Lilian to find out too

Radio Times: Mike comes down hard.

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  • Mike and Betty are having breakfast at Willow Farm and mike is still rankled by Brenda’s behaviour over the last few days. When she comes down for breakfast Mike has a go at her and Brenda assumes that Roy has told him about her escapade with Scott. She leaves without breakfast saying she will see who she pleases. It dawns on Mike that she is probably referring to Scott and he asks Betty if he has jumped to the right conclusion. Betty confirms that indeed she has been seeing him. Mike is furious and decries Scott as a serial womaniser and threatens to beat him up. Betty reasons with him and makes him agree not to do anything hasty until they have talked at lunchtime.
  • At Grey Gables, Caroline has enlisted Roy’s help with two horses that she wants to walk up Grey Gables drive in the film. Shula is unable to come over due to a crisis at the stables. Martina is very happy with the picture until Joe Grundy draws up in his van and bores her with his local reminiscences.
  • Whilst Caroline is trying to move Joe, Brenda arrives to talk to Roy. She is extremely angry and accuses Roy of spilling the beans to Mike. Surprised, Roy tells her that he only talked to Betty as he was worried about Brenda getting hurt. Brenda tells him to stop interfering in her life at which point Caroline returns. Roy pursues Brenda as she runs off leaving Caroline holding the horses.
  • Roy catches Brenda up in the car park and gets into her car. He tells her that he understands she has genuine feelings for Scott but tries to reason with her that he is already taken by Lilian. She declares desperately that she loves Scott so much that she doesn’t know what to do.
  • Meanwhile Joe has been boring Betty with the same story he tried to tell Martina earlier. Mike arrives and interrupts Joe telling him that the story has been criticised by the listeners to Radio Borsetshire. Joe stalks off in a huff. Mike tells Betty he has just had a call from Debbie Gerrard asking him to help her dip some sheep. He thinks she is panicking because she has so much to get through before Brian gets back. He returns to the subject of Scott and Brenda once again threatens to sort him out. Betty has another plan. She proposes to see Lilian threatening to tell her about the whole affair.

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