While Ruth and David are away, the filming at Grey Gables continues and Betty tries to tell Lilian the truth.

Radio Times: Meet Ginger the hen.

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  • Ruth and David are on the beach relaxing. Its good to be away after working so hard.
  • One of Betty’s chickens is being a bit troublesome but the eggs are coming on. Mike still thinks it will be extra work for not much money. Roy is looking forward to Phoebe coming home. Hayley won’t relax until Phoebe’s on the plane. Scott is off on a modelling job so Betty will take the chance to speak to Lillian.
  • Debbie and Simon are eating at Grey Gables and bump into Lillian. Its very busy with the filming going on. Simon is worried Jack may not have been clear enough about the objectives of the film and wonders whether Scott and Lillian are quite the image Lillian wanted. Lillian doesn’t see a problem.
  • Jean Paul is not happy about being filmed. He’s going to behave just as he always behaves – that’s what Roy is afraid of.
  • Debbie is not hungry. She’s worried about what Brian will say about the contract. He will have thought the Matt situation was under control. The cameras are ruining their evening too.
  • Jean Paul is furious with the camera crew. They have ruined his soufflé. Even Roy gets thrown out of the kitchen. He has a problem calming him down.
  • Betty has problems convincing Lillian that Scott is still seeing Brenda. Obviously Scott can’t really be interested in her but it is worrying. Lillian is sure it is a misunderstanding.

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