Kirsty looks forward to pulling pints but Jennifer is not keen on having Caroline as a travelling companion

Radio Times: Jolene and Fallon have a difference of opinion.

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  • Jolene and Sid are chewing over the future with the aid of their Sunday paper horoscopes and are expecting Kirsty later in the morning with a view to her working for them in the bar.
  • Fallon emerges and Sid begins to relate his own under-age drinking exploits, obviously totally unaware that her hangover was rather more than just that. Alone together, Jolene reiterates her anxieties to Fallon, tries to extract a promise that she will never take Ecstasy again, but has to make do with Fallon’s reassurance that she knows what she’s doing.
  • Kirsty’s enthusiasm for Tony’s Midget leads him to give her a lift via the scenic route to the Bull, much to Tom’s annoyance who is obviously jealous of the car’s ‘babe magnet’ properties in the hands of his father. He is even more annoyed when he arrives at the Bull before them and sardonically likens Tony to Austin Powers. But the job for Kirsty is amicably settled to everyone’s satisfaction.
  • Tony’s Kirsty-impressing departure splashed Jennifer’s coat with mud so she, also, is expressing her annoyance at his seeming second youth, to Pat. Jennifer’s reason for calling was to tell Helen that she has found a reference to local cheese-making in the Ambridge Mummer’s Play but in her absence she bombards Pat with her anticipations of Budapest. She also expresses her dubiety at the presence of Caroline as Oliver’s companion on the trip, in view of Caroline and Brian’s ‘history’ … will it spoil things? But she reassures herself that it is a long time since Brian gave her a headache of that nature …

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