Tim learns of his wife’s affair but is denied the whole truth – with whom!

Radio Times: Siobhán is questioned.

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  • Phil has been checking the stock for David and has had to deal with a potato stuck in the throat of one of the beast. Debbie is spraying at Badger’s Bank and thinking about having her work cut out next week when Brian and Jenny go to Budapest.
  • Tim has arranged a locum so that he and Siobhán can spend some time together but she is determined that her work must take priority. Disgruntled Tim takes himself off to the pub for lunch.
  • At Brookfield, plans are in progress for Pip’s forthcoming birthday, which as usual will largely feature Jill’s expertise – Ruth wants to ensure that it is an extra special event before the new baby arrives.
  • Tim returns after a short time to attempt compromise with Siobhán, only to find her trying on the earrings given to her by Brian – her gauche attempts to conceal her actions lead Tim to question her intensely about the earrings, who gave them to her, when, has she been seeing him, is she attracted to him, sleeping with him, how often, who IS it …? Siobhán is desperate to apologise without giving him all the details and tries to explain everything with reference to her miscarriage and his erstwhile dalliance with Janet – but Tim storms out to get, in his own words, as far away from her as possible.

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