Siobhán needs reassurance that it will all work out; Brian is keen that it will not all come out.

Radio Times: Is Brian safe?

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  • Brian is disturbed by Debbie as he tries to ring Siobhán, but uses a call to the feed firm as an excuse.
  • Breakfast between Siobhán and Tim is a non-existent event – Tim says almost as little as he eats and Siobhán, persistently apologetic, says she would prefer him to shout at her. The silence is broken by George at the door, giving Tim a chance to leave immediately for the surgery, saying that he won’t want dinner either. George senses that his timing is probably not the best but tells Siobhán about Borchester Land’s plans for twenty luxury dwellings and a mere two low-cost houses on the land to be developed.
  • Tim arrives at the surgery to find Phil waiting to give him the third degree about Janet’s availability – Phil needs to see her face to face for discussion on parish matters. In the circumstances, Tim’s replies are terse almost to the point of rudeness.
  • Brian and Debbie are seeing to the deer and discussing Alice, how she will enjoy being looked after by Simon and Debbie in her parents’ absence and her excitement at the purchase of a hunt outfit later in the day. Brian is only too willing to finish the deer himself, allowing Debbie to get off early – of course he still has a dire need to phone – the feed company? – Debbie reminds him that they need a particular product on this order …
  • Phil and George are sheltering from the rain by the Village Hall, discussing the need to keep a close eye on Matt Crawford’s plans. George mentions the atmosphere between Siobhán and Tim that could have been ‘spread on toast’ when he called earlier this morning.
  • At last Siobhán gets through to Brian and tells him that Tim knows everything except the ‘who’ bit. He is very sympathetic and listens to Siobhán expressing her guilt and desperation until she pleads for them to be together as immediately as possible. Brian argues caution for a day or two, says she should not feel guilty and that he will arrange something.

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