Peggy is told that Kate will have a trip and Sid overhears that Fallon has had a trip.

Radio Times: No place for Sid.

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  • Peggy and Jack are trying to sort out the problem of slugs eating the primulas in the garden. Jenny says she has had the same trouble with her winter pansies. What did Peggy think about Alice’s hunt outfit? And did Alice say thank you? Apparently she was aware of Peggy’s generosity to each of her children and realised that her new outfit came via that source.
  • Sid and Jolene are thrilled that the atmosphere in the Bull is creating welcome new business, as evident from the need to ‘up’ the crisps and snacks order. Fallon comes home from school and snaps at Sid in response to a simple request for help.
  • Jenny tells Peggy that she is going to spend most of her money on getting Kate and family over from South Africa sometime after Easter even though Brian thinks that Kate has already had enough treats in her life – Peggy approves of the idea but hopes that Jenny will spend some of the money simply on herself. Lilian is going for Liposuction …! Jenny says she has bought some lovely gloves and a scarf for Budapest, but is a little worried because Brian is not 100% – he didn’t sleep at all well last night – need we wonder why?
  • Fallon is busy with an essay but Jolene is anxious to talk to her again. She is still very worried about the tiredness and moodiness that Fallon is experiencing after her Ecstasy trip and wants to press home the down-side of drug-taking by relating some of her own youthful experience. Unfortunately Sid overhears the full truth about Fallon’s ‘hangover’, storms into the bedroom with guns blazing and refuses to desist. Jolene maintains that this matter is between her and Fallon only and that Sid must trust her judgement in dealing with it.

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