Tim searches for the truth but does not know whether he wants to end his marriage.

Radio Times: Mother and daughter united.

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  • While they put the chickens away, Ruth and Jill discuss a visit from the midwife. She has been very reassuring about Ruth’s ability to breastfeed the forthcoming baby. David asks his mother to come and see the nursery before she goes home.
  • At the Bull, Kirsty attempts a word with Tim to no avail and is surprised that Fallon is working a freebie as a favour to her Mum following last night’s debacle with Sid.
  • Jill makes the right sort of noises about the nursery decoration so far but David is not convinced that she is convinced …
  • Fallon, Kirsty and Tom are enjoying cheerful banter from opposite sides of the bar, mainly about Tony’s (vast) age and new motoring habit. Whatever will he get next? surmises Tom – an earring?! A tattoo??!! They notice again how morose Tim is as he departs.
  • Siobhán is aghast that Tim thinks, as a result of a phone call he took at lunchtime in her absence, that her lover is Christian, the Marketing Manager in Hannover. Tim pours forth a tirade of further questions, accusations and demands for information about the man whom, he says, he wants to know all about. Siobhán replies that all this is only making his hurt worse and she feels so bad about that part anyway. Does Tim want to end their marriage? Is that what he really wants? Tim just doesn’t know …

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