Larry is cast down

Radio Times: Larry is cast down

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  • The village celebrates the nine lessons and carols with a fit again Mrs Antrobus at the organ …. although she’s not up to play the piano for the panto and Larry is at his wits’ end trying to find a replacement. Phil declines and Larry has other worries, incomplete costumes for example, but when he hears that Lynda will be reviewing the production for the Echo, he preaches a defiant sermon!
  • Shula’s busy packing for foreign climes and is worrying about the weather for Thursday.
  • Lizzie is jealous of her sister going on holiday, she’s more immediate worries, things like how to tell Julia that she’s not invited to the reception and how to contain her profligate “economising”. Nigel is worried, too … he thinks he can hear the beetles ticking away in the roof.