Nigel is losing sleep.

Radio Times: Nigel is losing sleep.

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  • Julia’s in Borchester employing her own peculiar brand of economising, on the one hand she’s listening out for announcements over special offers, but on the other she’s spending a fortune on a fountain pen (we assume, as a gift for Nigel). At least she means that she was able to claim free delivery of the item because she’d spent for than £150, although she had to fight to catch a lift with the delivery man! Lizzie is increasingly frustrated – especially as Julia will not listen when the folly is pointed out. She does, though, intend to go into to Borchester on Christmas Eve to catch the last minute food bargains.
  • Kate’s holding a Winter Solstice party for the family, mistletoe, yulelogs, herbs and special ceremonies. Brian’s not convinced, but Kate’s enjoying it and the family are happy at least that they are all together (unlike one of the other branches of the Archer) – especially with their new addition.