Lee Mason’s birthday party turns into a fight and it seems the Borchester Life photographer may still have been taking pictures.

Radio Times: The party’s over for Ian at Grey Gables.

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  • Ed is planning his trip to look at the new stock and gets Oliver to help with the cows so Mike can go. Oliver doesn’t mind – what will he do with his retirement. Well, the first thing Caroline can think of is having the Grundys for Sunday lunch. Ed is looking forward to take over the tenancy but is very nervous. Still, Oliver will always be happy to provide advice.
  • It’s the big night at Grey Gables. It goes well until Lee realises Ian is gay and that rather puts a damper on the occasion. Well, iti’s obviously a wild night otherwise – they are still there at 11.30…. Things certainly start getting out of hand and Ian trying to calm things down doesn’t help. Lee ends up landing a punch on him and a riot ensues. Eventually the Chairman calms things down and tries to buy Ian off but Ian is having none of it and goes home. The only question is whether the Borchester Life photographer was still taking pictures.

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