Leon’s charms fall on stony ground with Ian.

Radio Times: Leon’s charm loses its sparkle.

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  • Ian knows Lilian well, so he has brought some frozen meals for when she doesn’t feel like cooking – which is most of the time. He cannot stay: he and Adam have a double-date with Helen and Leon.
  • Adam was already in Borchester so is getting the drinks in. Helen tells Leon about an invitation she has had to a party on a Sunday in December; he pleads pressure of work, it being the run-up to Christmas. An invitation to Mike’s 60th birthday party doesn’t go down well either: why mix with old folk? He will see. Ian arrives at the same time as the drinks.
  • Matt rings – another brief call before lock-up at 8:00. The news is that he has been assessed as category D and is being transferred on Monday to an open prison just beyond Borchester. It could change, so Lilian must wait and all he wants her to bring is money to spend, although he is a bit vague about why. The one bright spot is that Chalkie has been assessed category C, so he won’t be heading for an open prison.
  • Helen leaves the boys together and the conversation is somewhat stilted. Leon insists on checking his phone and gets a text, ostensibly from his manager; whatever she said made him laugh and required an immediate reply. Of his relationship with Helen, he insists they are keeping it casual; that suits them both.
  • In their de-brief on the evening, Ian is concerned about Leon. He showed little interest in them, or in men at all, but had eyes for every woman in the place. The remark about ‘keeping it casual’ does not square with Helen’s view. Ian is convinced he is trouble but what can they do?

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