Lilian agrees that Paul should come to help Peggy with an electrical fault but doesn’t tell Peggy who he is.

Radio Times: The gulf widens between Pip and Ruth, and Paul comes to a kind of rescue.

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  • Helen and Peggy spend sometime looking at old family photos and then Lilian turns up. In the confusion Peggy forgets a pan of stock on the stove and has a small fire in the kitchen. It seems the cooker hood wasn’t working. After Lilian finishes clearing up the mess, Paul calls and he offers to fix the hood for them.
  • Pip comes back from Jude’s house in a really foul mood, snapping at Ruth and telling her if she doesn’t finish her work it will be David and Ruth’s fault for not letting Jude on the farm.
  • Helen is disappointed that Tony still hasn’t come round to the idea of the baby. Pat points out it’s going to be hard for a lot of people to understand and Tony will come round in the end. Helen has already decided that she doesn’t want to go it alone, she wants Pat to come for her ultrasound next week.

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