Lilian looks forward to another meeting with Paul. Peggy looks forward to a meeting with Ted. Matt’s looking forward to being back in business.

Radio Times: It’s the morning after the night before for Lilian, and Peggy faces a difficult truth.

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  • Lilian and Paul have a slightly awkward breakfast together, but once Lilian’s hangover lightens, she’s back on form. Paul will be working in Websterbridge in a week or so, and would like to call round. Lilian would like that too.
  • Jennifer leaves Peggy in the shop talking to Susan about the new arrangements. She meets Ruth, who’s worried about the number of nights Pip stays at Jude’s. Jennifer starts to tell her about Kate’s latest plan, but they are interrupted by Peggy.
  • Poor Peggy is desperately upset to see Jack and Violet holding hands again. Nothing Jennifer can say makes any difference. But then Ted appears, and with great patience and diplomacy, points out that their partners are at least happy. At first Peggy won’t listen, but Ted wins her round, and she’s even willing to have lunch with him.
  • Lilian goes straight from the hotel to see Matt, who can think of nothing but his business plans and Lilian’s need to put her name to them. It’s just not what Lilian wants to hear.

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