Lilian has a visit from James.

Radio Times: Lilian is keen to welcome a new arrival, and it is back to domestic chores for Jennifer.

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  • Jennifer and Phoebe are back from South Africa and straight into the arms of Lynda Snell. She is handing out her election leaflets but claims she isn’t canvassing – that’s what Richard Thwaite and Hilary Noakes are doing.
  • Lilian is having a visit from James. Matt isn’t looking forward to it. Things went terribly last time he came. But Lilian wants a fresh start. Things are a bit strained but don’t go too badly. Lilian is very excited to hear he has a new girlfriend. And while on the subject of prodigal children, Lynda isn’t looking forward to Leonie’s visit tomorrow much either.
  • Jennifer is impressed that Brian managed to cope with Ruairi even if he didn’t manage all the washing. Brian is just pleased to have her back. He’d forgotten how full on this childcare business is.

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