Lilian has something to hide. Kate has something to tell the family.

Radio Times: Lilian shows she can keep a secret, and Brian has some cautionary tales.

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  • A bored Lilian drops in at Home Farm, where Jennifer is cooking lunch. Jennifer has taken Peggy to church, and thinks she’s much better. She suggests taking her to a meal on Thursday, but Lilian is oddly non-committal. When Jennifer presses the matter, Lilian prepares to make a run for it, but is saved by the phone – it’s Kate.
  • With typical self-interest, Kate has re-designed her life. She’s coming to Felpersham university to take a diploma in international relations. That way she will be certain to secure a wonderful job. Jennifer is appalled – what about Nollie and Sipho? Kate airily says they will stay with Lucas’ family, and she’ll be able to form a new relationship with Phoebe. Jennifer tries to sound supportive, but clearly thinks it’s a bad idea.
  • Brian returns, and wastes no time in telling Lilian that he thinks her relationship with Paul will lead to trouble. When he hears Kate’s news, he appears delighted, and waves all Jennifer’s doubts aside.
  • David is still feeling sore about Jude. Now that he’s banned from the farm, Pip stays over at his house, so David can’t win. He tactlessly tells Brian that he fears she’ll turn into another Kate – but Brian understands his concerns. Ruth keeps up her peace-making role, though she does support David over the ban.

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