Still smarting from not being cherished by Matt, Lilian accepts a date with Paul.

Radio Times: Ed has a beef with Vicky at Grange Farm, and Lilian gets an unexpected invitation.

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  • The ploy hasn’t worked but the family don’t know it; a party on Phil’s birthday was intended to make sure Jill was not sad but as they walk in the grounds of Lower Loxley, Jill’s thoughts are clearly elsewhere.
  • As ever, Ed is not delighted to receive a visit from Vicky. He explains that he has put together some provisional costings for the bull calves but he doesn’t have them with him. Vicky is not so easily put off.
  • As Lilian saddles up Spearmint, Jennifer reports that she has found mum much better but still not wanting to be taken to The Laurels. Curious! Lilian explains Matt’s plans; he is practical and focussed but will be different once he is out.
  • Vicky is impressed with Harry’s blog; she really thinks that Ed need not worry about having enough customers for the milk. When Ed shares his veal costs, Vicky has the answer: she will underwrite the start-up costs because she has confidence that it will be profitable.
  • Jill confides to Jennifer that the lunch was very nice – they had all put in so much effort. However, she had been woken from a dream about Phil and had been trying all day to hang on to it.
  • Just back from her ride, Lilian receives a call from Paul. He had been invited to a dinner dance in a Windsor hotel, all costs paid. Would Lilian be his plus one? Separate rooms, of course. After a moment’s thought, she declares she would love to go.

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